Mental Health Services:

* Individual Counseling:Individual counseling consists of a one on one ethical relationship between the client and the counselor. The client can have full confidence in their counselors compassion, ethical and professional behavior, and gentleness in their counseling approach. The counselor will gently meet you where you are at, come along side you in your journey, and work with you to find they best ways in which to help you achieve your mental health goals.

* Couples and Family Counseling:
There are several qualified counselors trained specifically in Marriage and Family Counseling at FCS. You can expect your counselor to work with any number of combinations of people within the family to accomplish goals in this area. Counseling can be provided to couples, parents, siblings, or all of the above.

* Grief and Loss Counseling:Grief and loss are a natural part of the human experience. The journey of life can at times leave us feeling alone. This can be a very painful and agonizing part of our journey. Grief and loss can take many forms from losing a loved one to death, to grieving through the pain of divorce. It can be highly beneficial to seek out support when you have lost a loved one, or are going through a life transition that has made you say good bye to a part of your life. Sometimes healing is best accomplished through relationships, and at FCS we can offer you a caring, supportive and ethical environment for this to gently take place.

* Anxiety and Depression: These two concerns play out in many people’s lives. Anytime we experience change, loss, even excitement we may experience either anxiety, depression, or both. There are many different levels of each of these, as well as many different causes. Every individual experiences them in different ways. Each counselor on staff at FCS is qualified to work with both anxiety and depression since they are so prominent in our society. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety, know you are not alone. There is hope.

* Play Therapy:FCS can provide counseling to children starting around the age of four years. There is a fully functioning play therapy room set up to incorporate not only words into therapy for children, but also play. Since many of our young clients do not have the words to fully express themselves, this gives them the chance to be heard, not through words, but through play. Play therapy is a therapeutic approach that is backed by research. Its methods have been proven effective with children.

Developmental Disability Services

All DD services providers have been background checked, finger printed, drug tested, and have had their driving record submitted to FCS prior to starting to provide direct client services. In addition, they have completed coursework and certifications as required by the Department of Health and Welfare.

Behavioral Interventions -

The purpose of BI is to guide the formulation of developmentally-appropriate objectives and intervention strategies related to goals identified. HI services are consistent, and continuous, and are provided to improve the clients’ functional skills and minimize problem behaviors. HI is provided to meet the intervention needs of the client by developing adaptive skills, and addressing maladaptive behaviors.

Habilitative Supports - 
HS supports are provided in addition to HI services. This service is designed to help your kiddo out in the community, in their natural environment. We can provide supports to clients in most community environments.   

Available at FCS, or on location by appointment. Subject to availability.