Current openings for 2018:

Licensed Counselor:

We are looking for a full-time Counselor who currently is licensed in the State of Idaho. Applicant should have experience working with young children, families, and trauma. Hours will be Monday -Thursday, 11am-7pm. 

A Qualified applicant:

1. Must be able to pass a background check

2. Be organized, motivated, and a self-started

3. Be a team player

4. Must be able to have full time hours open the first week of hire. 

Clients will be from all backgrounds, races, nationalities, orientations, etc....

Please submit resume to:

Habilitative Interventionist / Clinical Supervisor: 

​A qualified applicant:
1. Must be HI Certified
2. Must have a bachelor’s degree in a human service field from a nationally accredited university or college.
3. Must be able to provide documentation of 1 years supervised experience working with children with developmental disabilities. Experience must be gained through paid employment or university practicum or internship.
4. Must complete coursework as approved by the Department of Health and Welfare, to demonstrate competencies related t the requirements to provide HI
5. Providers transcript must contain 9 credit hours of required courses from an accredited university or college. Three hours in each of the following; Applied Behavior Analysis (Scientifically based behavior change methods, functional assessments, observation methods, various reinforcement techniques, data collection and interpretation, development and monitoring of an appropriate interventions based on the function of the problem behavior), Child Development (Child development, learning and cognitive development), Learning theory/ Psychology of Learning (Development of learning and understanding, including developmental stages, principles of learning, learning styles and processes that lead to comprehension).
6. Must have a current and cleared Criminal History and Background check. Once hired, must also disclosed to Compliance Officer any additional criminal convictions, pending investigations, or pending charges. This information will be passed onto the DHW.
7. Must be CPR Certified
8. Must have successfully completed the “Assistance with meds” certification
9. Must demonstrate the ability to provide services according to that specific client’s plan of service.
10. Must be willing to receive and implement instructions in the needs of the client who will be provided the service.
11. Must be free from communicable disease

Habilitative Support Specialist:

A qualified applicant will:
a. Must be at least 18 years old
b. Must have a high school diploma or GED (bachelors degree in a helping professions - preferred)
c. Must have received and be willing to implement instruction in the needs of the child.
d. Must demonstrate the ability to provide services according to the plan of service.
e. Must have 6 months supervised experience working with children with developmental disabilities, which can be achieved through previous work experience, practicum, or internship.
f. Must complete competency coursework approved by DHW prior to delivering services, to demonstrate competencies related to the requirements to provide HS.
g. Must have HS Certification within the first 30 days of hire.
h. Must have current CPR certification.
i. Must have successfully completed the “Assistance with meds” certificate
j. Must be free from communicable disease
k. Must be willing to attend supervision with the Clinical Supervisor on a weekly basis.
L. Para-professionals must not conduct client assessments, must not establish a plan of service, and must not develop a Program Implementation Plan as this would be out of the scope of their practice.